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Don’s inspirational instruction was an invaluable godsend as I made a transition into a leadership position. I learned to look within myself to adopt a style in synch with my own values and ethics were.  I have read and re-read his book "The Naked Mentor" frequently and continue to find new insights.

—John M Screech, Advance Applications Specialist, Agilent Technologies, Toronto


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The Naked Mentor by Dr. Donald M. Carmont

Comments from Various Readers

I have reviewed a number of books on leadership and mentoring, but none like this one.  Dr. Carmont candidly confronts the raw reality of failures and successes that span the business, domestic, marital, and professional worlds. The pages are loaded with insights and communicate with clarity.

—John Kennington, Author and Book Reviewer

The Naked Mentor is exactly what it claims to be in the title and sub-title. It is very rich. I was amazed at the level of self-disclosure. The principles of mentoring are wise and true. Don’s life is a profound illustration of the foundational ideas that he has chosen for the book, and his training in mentoring can help others arrive at that place as well.

—Dr. Peter Fitch, Dean of Ministry Studies, St. Stephen's University

The Naked Mentor flows with deep and humble wisdom. The Naked Mentor crowns mentors with the honour and credit they deeply deserve. The stories captivate. I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished the book.

—Dennis O’Neill, The Business Growth Coach, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Many books on Leadership attempt to motivate us through cheerleading and “you can do it” approaches. Seldom do they cause us to reflect on our past as instrumental events that shape who we are. Don Carmont has invited us into his life in a manner that compels us to share and feel his experiences, but more importantly to use those lessons as a basis for us to grow as mentors and those who mentor us.

—Mark MacLeod, CEO, Information Services Corporation, Regina, Saskatchewan

Dr. Carmont’s empathic approach, ruthless honesty, and appreciation for the “aha” moment made it The Naked Mentor great read. Don demonstrates the uncanny ability to transform the mundane into the desirable. In The Naked Mentor, the reader witnesses how Don has developed into a virtuoso who no longer needs an audience.

—Marcel Paul Carpenter, MCS, MDiv. Faculty and Chaplain, SAIT

In Dr. Don Carmont’s excellent book The Naked Mentor, his shared experiences clearly establish the importance of internal and external transparency. Don’s experiences are an invitation to others to confront the reality of their own intellect, strengths, and flaws. The Naked Mentor is an excellent guide for anyone’s personal journey toward self-actualization.

—Harry Chambers, Author, The Bad Attitude Survival Guide

We are all shaped by formative experiences in the relationships that are closest to us. Most of us do not take the trouble to extract the lessons from those experiences and state them clearly. Don Carmont has done so, not only for his own benefit but also for the benefit of others. This is an engaging book that can help mentors and potential mentors learn from his experience ¯ and from their own.

—Dr. David T. Barnard, President, University of Manitoba

The Naked Mentor is marked by humanity, insight, transparency, and appealing frankness. The narrative demonstrates how ordinary people in everyday life, even through disappointment, pain, and failure, can be productive and maximize opportunities for growth. Don Carmont writes in a manner which is instructive without being dogmatic, suggestive without being simplistic and assertive without being arrogant.

—Dr. Thomas A. Fudge, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Don Carmont has shown extraordinary courage in this book. Using his own life as a background, he demonstrates quite capably how mentors of all types and sizes have guided him in his development. For readers wishing to explore their own leadership capabilities this book will be a welcome addition.

—Dennis Eaton P. Eng., co-founder, Waterloo Management Education Centre

I started reading The Naked Mentor at 10:30 on a Saturday night. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it just after 4 am. It moved me and triggered reflective thought. Don has taken real life experiences and woven them into the fabric of a mentoring garment that’s fit for purpose. The Naked Mentor offers significant lessons for your career advancement and more importantly, for your growth as a person.

—Larry Needham, Service Offer Management, Healthcare Solutions, The Fujitsu Alliance

The Naked Mentor is an engaging, heart-breaking, genuinely uplifting book, full of hard-won insight. The autobiographical vignettes that form the substance of the book convey the tension and ambiguity of real life, yet each culminates incisively in a striking principle or axiom. Though many of these stories are humorous, wistful, and celebratory, the author frequently risks the “nakedness” of the title, frankly disclosing painful memories of failure, sorrow, fear, and inadequacy. Yet the effect is never maudlin or self-indulgent. He keeps his eye steadily on distilling the teachable moments, epiphanies, and hidden wisdom from his personal story so that he may facilitate the search for self-knowledge in his readers.

—Ken Jacobsen, Ph.D., Professor of English, Memorial University

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